SPEEDING in communities has increased during lockdown, with a motorist caught speeding at 56mph in the 30mph zone of Helmsley.

North Yorkshire Police has criticised the “stupidity” of drivers who have reached almost 60mph in 30mph limits in areas including Ryedale, Selby and Hambleton and are taking “robust” action.

They warn it is even more dangerous due to the higher numbers of pedestrians during lockdown.

Speeds of more than 111mph have also been recorded by North Yorkshire Police’s Traffic Bureau on the A64 near Malton during the current lockdown.

“Since lockdown II began, we’ve seen a marked increase in the number of motoring offences we’ve captured,” said criminal justice manager, Andy Tooke.

“We’ve also seen some terrible driving, particularly in our communities.

“These are places where children are going to school, and residents are going on walks – yet some motorists are barrelling through these towns and villages at lethal speeds."

Safety camera vehicles are being deployed to key locations in residential areas, where a large number of lawbreaking motorist have already been dealt with.

“At a time when communities are doing everything they can to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed, driving through 30mph areas at twice the speed limit is sheer stupidity,” added Mr Tooke.

“It’s also illegal and we are responding robustly to enforce the law and keep residents and road users safe.”