AUTUMN has arrived fashionably late with a sweeping of orange, brown, yellow and red colourings. Not allowing lockdown two to dampen their spirits, readers have been out and about with their cameras capturing this week’s autumnal selection of photographs.

A classic favourite in the photography world is a sunrise, with mesmerising shapes and hazy undertones.

Andy Robinson, of Crambe, near Malton, recently spotted a spectacular sunrise over St Michael’s Church.

Another reader was astonished to discover a foggy trail above Leavening.

Jeff Pacey decided to escape from a foggy Norton; wondering if the mist had cleared for a walk.

Gill Chappell, of Pickering, saw a sunrise peeping through the top of a misty Yearsley Moor Bank.

George Tremain managed to encapsulate the crispness of an autumn morning at Castle Howard.

The Atlas Fountain is a popular tourist destination and was completed in 1853 upon the commission of the 7th Earl of Carlisle.

Another hidden gem is Thornton-le-Dale which has been photographed by many over the years, including Jenny Stead’s autumnal angle of the famous thatched cottage.

And finally, David Goodman and Pete Lamb snapped the autumn colour palate through the changing landscape.

Each week we like to showcase your photographs. It could be a seasonal landscape or simply your favourite view of our beautiful surroundings.

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Keep snapping and stay safe!