A MENTAL health instructor has launched a new initiative to raise £100,000 for charities and individuals affected by the pandemic.

Karen Hayward, from Pickering, is on a mission to increase mental health awareness while helping charities raise £100,000 during 2021.

Be Positive, a consultancy and training businesses founded by Karen, is offering to organise mental health courses on behalf of charities, with any profits from the events going straight to the charities to boost their income.

“According to research, 2020 is likely to see revenues fall by more than £12.4 billion across the UK charity sector,” said Karen.

“Raising money has become even more difficult for charities, with traditional revenue and fundraising streams not currently available.

“This year has also seen the mental health of the nation decline, with more people than ever reaching out for help.

“I want to use my knowledge of mental health issues and therapies, not only to help people cope with things like anxiety and stress during the pandemic, but also to offer charities a creative way to boost their income.

“This new initiative could help them generate thousands of pounds each, with my aim being to reach £100,000 in total for charities throughout 2021.”

Be Positive supports organisations to create a positive mental health environment by improving moral, performance and helping to lower absenteeism.

The new initiative would see the consultancy trainers manage and host an online mental health course for donors and supporters, at a time and date chosen by the charity.

The charity would receive resources to promote the mental health course, book in participants and take payments.

Apart from paying a fee to Be Positive, the charities would keep any profit generated from ticket sales.

The online training sessions will include Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) and workshops covering anxiety and stress.

“This initiative is a great way for charities to offer mental health support and training to their audience while boosting their own revenue streams,” added Karen.

“There are no upfront costs, no hidden fees, no risk to the charity and no-out-of-pocket charges, and it won’t take up their valuable time.”

For more information, phone Karen Hayward on 033 033 22 613, email hello@be-positive.solutions or visit be-positive.solutions/charity