THREE war veterans have been honoured their part in securing freedom for the Republic of South Korea.

Michael Burdett, from Norton, Robert Best, from Thornton-le-Dale, and Ken Keld, from Cayton, near Scarborough, all received a Plaque of Appreciation for their involvement in the Korean War.

The plaque was donated by Posco International Corporation, in Korea, and commemorates 70 years since the beginning of the conflict in 1950.

Michael and Robert both served in the same Artillery Regiment 14th Field, in the Korean War, from December 1951 to December 1952.

Ken, who was with the Duke of Wellington Regiment and served in Korea from 1952 to 1953, said: “The Korean Nation never forget the sacrifices made; the majority of veterans are very proud of the part they played in securing freedom for the Republic of South Korea.

“Over many years the Korean War has been dubbed the forgotten, but not with those who took part or those who lost a loved one.”

The Korean War began in 1950 when North Korea, backed by China and Russia, invaded part of South Korea, which was supported by the US.

A total of 84,000 British and Commonwealth troops were involved in the conflict which saw 2,674 wounded, 1,078 men die and 1,060 taken prisoner.

The Korean War, sometimes referred as The Forgotten War, unofficially ended on July 27, 1953, in an armistice.

The British Korean Veterans’ Association was founded more than 33 years ago, but as the members aged, the group disbanded in 2014.