A VIOLENT partner serving time for terrifying his girlfriend with a shotgun has admitted offering drugs for sale.

Andrew Finlay, prosecuting, said police caught the Norton man in Harrogate with £770 cash and messages on his phone about selling cannabis and tramadol.

One of the text messages suggested that he was selling on painkillers he had been prescribed for his own use by a doctor.

It is illegal to sell on drugs obtained legally with a prescription by someone for their own use.

Bogg, 29, formerly of Parliament Street, Norton, pleaded guilty to offering to supply cannabis and tramadol and was jailed for nine months at York Crown Court.

The sentence will be served alongside the 35 months he was given in January for possessing a shotgun with intent to make his then partner fear he would use violence against her.

His barrister Taryn Turner said the drugs case was “frustrating” for Bogg because he had seen the end of his time behind bars.

He has been told his likely release date will be February 2, next year.

The court heard since being remanded before the first sentence, he had had time to reflect on his way of life. He hoped to get work on his release.

When Ms Turner queried the delay for the drugs case coming to court, the Recorder of York, Judge Sean Morris said Bogg had been aware he had been arrested on suspicion of supplying drugs.

He could have told the court about it, so that it could have been dealt with at the same time.

Mr Finlay said at an earlier stage of the case, Bogg had disputed police claims that the phone with drug dealing messages was his and had denied supplying drugs.

In August 2017, Bogg and another man had been in a van that police followed into a car park. There they ran off, but Bogg was caught. The other man had been the van driver.

Police found a mobile phone eight feet from the van which they linked to Bogg.

On it were several conversations over four months talking about the supply of cannabis and tramadol.

Seven of them were with people wanting to buy drugs from Boggs, two of them were about him buying drugs.

The offences against his girlfriend were in 2019.