TRIBUTES have been paid to a 'gentle soul who always had time for everyone'.

Andrew Dean, whose family live in Malton, passed away suddenly on August 24, age 32.

He as been working as a teacher of science at Leeds West Academy part of the White Rose triage group where he was a popular with staff and students.

Andrew's elder sister, Sarah Jayne, said he had initially been perusing a career in engineering after completing his Master’s of Structural Engineering at Leeds University.

She said: "He enjoyed his time working in the engineering industry but I personally didn’t think it was his true calling.

"He decided he would like to pursue a career in teaching. This was based on the fact that he had done a ski season where he worked as tour guide and host for school groups who were on their annual school ski trip.

Sarah Jayne added: "There he learnt how to develop rapport with young people and decided he would like to use his academic knowledge to teach young people and help them progress in their lives."

"Andrew went on to complete a PGCE in Science and didn’t look back. "

Sarah said even though Andrew was only at Leeds West Academy for a short time, he made a huge impact on everyone there.

"His Science Department told me Andrew’s passing has left a huge hole . I am told he loved his job, his colleagues and his students as much as they adored him.

"His students were inspired by Andrew’s young at heart personality along with his passion for nurturing and imparting knowledge to young people.

Sarah said that Andrew had many hobbies including snowboarding, learning musical instruments, dancing, amateur dramatics, rugby, swimming as well as travelling.

Sarah said: "When he was younger he won the boys trophy and tap award at Kirkham Henry dance school and I remember watching it announced at the annual Christmas carol concert and I couldn’t have been prouder of my little brother. And this clearly gave him the skills in adulthood to become Andy “tapdancing” Dean to some who knew him."

"He managed to pick up musical instruments easily. Andrew loved his electric guitars and violin and I think music gave him a great deal of comfort in difficult times. "

Sarah said Andrew's family life was very important to him and she along with their mum Caroline and step-father David, all had a very special bond with Andrew.

"Andrew enjoyed some great family holidays with my mum and Dave where they cherished quality time together such as playing tennis and learning to sail.

"Mum and Andrew were always there for each other. Andrew adored our mum and would do anything for her and they would spend lots of time just enjoying each others company," she added.

"Andrew would often surprise mum with days out like taking her for an impromptu trip to the circus for her birthday or booking her and him concert tickets and they loved eating out together and their trips to Filey.

Andrew lived the most amazing life, and gave so much love to my mum and dad, to me, his family and friends, his colleagues and students at school.

Sarah Jayne said: "I am finding it difficult to imagine living in a world without my brother where I know he had so much future ahead of him and experiences left to have but I find comfort in the fact I was lucky enough to have such a lovely kind caring brother in my life and that he had so many great experiences and successes in his short life.

"I also have found comfort in the memories people have shared with me about the many times he has brought joy and laughter to others.

Sarah Jayne added: "A close friend from his childhood recently told me “he was a gentle soul who always had time for everyone” which actually has never actually changed.

"We will all miss him deeply everyday but he will always be close to our hearts."

Andrew's funeral service takes place today (Wednesday), 1pm at St Michael's Parish Church, Malton.