PLANS have been approved for a number of signs at the proposed BP garage in Norton.

The signs include one BP internally illuminated helio, one M&S front fascia internally illuminated sign, one M&S side fascia internally illuminated sign, one Wild Bean Café internally illuminated lozenge sign, four disabled parking signs, two internally illuminated canopy helios, one 5.3 metre internally illuminated MID sign, one no air/water single sided sign, three traffic signs, eight poster frames, one Blue Polar EV sign, three pump spreader ultimate sign, three long hose sign set within hooped barrier signage, two EV charging signs and one no-height clearance sign.

A government inspector gave the go-ahead for plans for a petrol station and forecourt shop in Welham Road last November.

The application, on the site of the former Malton Clothing factory site, includes plans for the construction of a BP petrol station, Marks & Spencer food store, Wild Bean coffee shop and parking.