A MOORLAND organisation has surpassed their £25,000 fundraising milestone for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

The North Yorkshire Moors Moorland Organisation (NYMMO) has raised £25,805.05 through a variety of events, such as merchandise sales, raffles and sweepstakes.

“The money raised is a real team effort and shows just how good our rural communities are,” said Tina Brough, co-ordinator of NYMMO.

“Each year we discuss where the proceeds of our fundraising efforts should go to and each year it’s a unanimous decision the Yorkshire Air Ambulance receives the money as it is such a vital service for our rural areas.”

The YAA has been the main beneficiary of the North Yorkshire Moors Moorland Organisation’s charity events since it was founded in December 2015.

It serves five million people across Yorkshire and carries out more than 1,500 missions every year.

“We would like to thank the NYMMO for their continued support and generosity over the last five years, to raise £25,805.05 is such an incredible achievement,” Lin Stead, North Yorkshire regional fundraiser for YAA.

“Organisations like NYMMO are the life-blood of our charity and the money raised will help greatly towards the vital funding of our service enabling us to continue saving lives across the region, particularly in the North Yorkshire countryside where journey times to hospital are longer and our service is vital to local communities.”