UPSET residents have expressed their concern about a water pipe that's been leaking in Pickering after more than two weeks.

People living in Westgate say they spotted the problem, between Jemisons Yard and the A170, more than a fortnight ago, and despite complaining to Yorkshire Water, nothing has been done.

“It’s an absolute disgrace,” said Susan Atkinson, who lives in Westgate.

“I reported the incident on Monday (August 10) while other residents complained weeks ago.

“Yorkshire Water said someone will fix the problem on Wednesday (August 12) – nobody has arrived yet.

“It’s been running for a fortnight now; the most upsetting part is the waste of water.

“The amount of waste is abhorrent.”

A spokesperson from Yorkshire Water said: “We appreciate our customers notifying us of the small leak between Jemison’s Yard and the A170 – the repair work is scheduled for Monday.”