BABY Quinn couldn’t wait to come into the world - mum Becky gave birth on the hall landing.

Becky Charlton, 37, who has given birth twice before, was sent home for hospital after her labour wasn’t progressing.

But within minutes of arriving home with her partner, Nick Fenton, she gave birth in the corridor of her home at Crambeck, near Malton.

She said: “We pulled into the drive at 2.59 and she was born at 3.15.

“I had got in and run a bath but was only in the bath for a minute when I had to get out and shout to Nick that the baby was coming.

“He dialled 999 but by then the baby’s head was coming out. Then she was out with another push.

“I had to unwrap the cord which was around her neck and then Nick was told to tie it off with a shoe lace.

“The paramedics arrived within five minutes, but it felt like forever.”

Becky was full of praise for the actions of her partner. “He was so calm.”

Becky and her new daughter, who weighed 8lb 1oz, were taken to York Hospital after the birth on Sunday, June 7.

Becky had lost a bit of blood and needed to be checked over by medics. But they were soon both given the all clear and discharged to return home.

She added: “It’s a great story for her 18th! We are the talk of the village.”

The couple named their new daughter Quinn for a special reason.

“It means five and this is our fifth child,” explained Becky, who has two other children: Brooke and Jack, while Nick has Alba and Mara.

One job still outstanding is to put in an insurance claim.

“The carpet is ruined,” said Becky.