A FAMILY has launched a new business venture to protect both the elderly and independent businesses during coronavirus lockdown.

Tina and Jason Greenwood, alongside son, Samuel, has launched a virtual high street website to connect independent businesses with customers who cannot leave their home.

Village Doorstep, despite being officially open for six weeks, had signed up more than 30 independent businesses in Ryedale, including Yorkshire Wolds Apple Juice, Malton Brewery and Hodgson Fish.

“Our inspiration came from my father-in-law, who is 90 years old and currently living with us,” said Tina, from Aldwark, near York.

“We wanted to shield him during lockdown, alongside supporting our local independent shops.

“Our business is focused on independent shops and producers, with the aim to bring everything together in one virtual high street.

“The best approach to building a new business is to solve problems, showcase the fantastic local businesses, who are the main stars of the show, and do our part in making life easier.”

Despite non-essential shops remaining closed, due to government guidance, Village Doorstep allows customers to virtually browse food, drink, health and beauty products, homeware and fitness inspiration.

Looking around different independent businesses, customers can purchase items which are delivered to their doorstep.

“Village Doorstep is the classic kitchen table enterprise with the family thinking, learning, creating and launching the business in less than a week,” added Tina.

“During 2020, we are not thinking about making money or charging any fees.

“Malton is our favourite place to shop and when businesses approached us, it was something we really wanted to do.

“Our approach is simple: independent, customer and service come first – there is more than one main priority in our startup.”

For more information, visit villagedoorstep.com