A RYEDALE Volunteer Network helper is bringing a little extra cheer when she is delivering meals to elderly and vulnerable people.

Philly Hare, who lives in Malton, has been working with Malton Cookery School, who are preparing meals.

Not content just to distributing the food, Philly has also taken to adding a small posy of flowers with each dish.

She said: “Almost everyone is doing something to help others during this crisis.

“For my bit, I’m really enjoying delivering the meals to some of our oldest, and no doubt wisest, citizens, particularly as I can’t see my own mum, who is 92 and right down in the south of England.

“I make time for a chat if they feel like it because many of them don’t see a lot of people at the moment.

“I’ve been taking small posies of flowers from my garden with the meals.

“It makes me happy to share them and I hope they symbolise the respect and love that all the volunteers feel for those they are supporting.”

The Ryedale Volunteer Network has 570 volunteers who are helping to support local older and vulnerable people who are staying safe by staying home during the Covid-19 pandemic by doing shopping, collecting prescriptions, etc, across the Ryedale district and delivering chilled meals in Malton, Norton and Pickering.

Anyone who needs support can phone the network via the North Yorkshire County Council care line on 01609 780780 that will direct people to co-ordinators across the district.