ONE of Ryedale’s Christian Aid coordinators has come up with a new way to raise funds this year.

Christian Aid week normally sees volunteers raising money in Ryedale, with coffee mornings, cake bakes and collections, which last year raised nearly £7,000 for the charity.

This year, with Ryedale in lockdown, none of those activities have been possible, so the North Ryedale Christian Aid co-ordinator, Lizzie Nelson, came up with a new plan.

Lizzie is paying tribute to the 20 communities that have consistently supported Christian Aid by visiting each of them over 20 days. In accordance with current social isolation guidance, Lizzie will be walking between the communities, and at the same time picking up litter during the walk.

She said: “It’s a fundraising challenge but it’s mainly intended as a thank you for all the villages that have generously given time and money to Christian Aid in previous years. In 20 days I’ll visit 20 communities and pick up at least 20 bags of litter.”

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