A COUNCILLOR has welcomed new speed measures on a busy Norton road after a two-year campaign to persuade the police and county council to take speeding seriously.

Prompted by complaints from residents in Welham Road, Cllr Di Keal spent months lobbying the police to look at traffic speeds on road, which has now seen the installation of a new Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS).

Cllr Keal, who represents Norton West ward, said: “When the speed monitoring was finally carried out by North Yorkshire Police the findings were shocking, with a high percentage of motorists exceeding the speed limit and some travelling at speeds of up to 60mph.

“This isn’t just a problem around the usual peak times of the day when people are travelling to or from work; residents report that it happens at all times of the day and well into the evening, plus at weekends.”

The signs have been funded by Norton Town Council and money secured by Norton County Cllr Keane Duncan. The sign will also be located at three other locations, as well as Welham Road, on a rotation - Langton Road, near Bazley’s Lane, and Scarborough Road, near Westfield Avenue and Norton Villa.

The new sign will be deployed 365 days of the year in Norton and will move round the locations every few months to maintain its effectiveness. If the sign proves popular, new locations could added to the rota or additional signs purchased for the town.

Cllr Keal added: “I hope that motorists will take note of the sign and slow down as they enter the town for the sake of everyone’s safety. Welham Road is a busy area used by walkers, families and young people going to school - everyone needs to moderate their speed on this and other busy roads in Norton.

“I look forward to the town council installing more VAS signs on our other main access roads into the town where we have similar problems with speeding vehicles.

“In an ideal world everyone would drive sensibly in these built-up residential areas, but sadly it seems many motorists need to be reminded to slow down.

“The town council is grateful to our county councillor for funding this first sign from his councillors’ funds.”