RESIDENTS have expressed their anger and disgust at pet owners who persistently allow their dogs to foul a well-used pathway near their homes.

Householders have described the path, which runs adjacent to the River Derwent, from Chandler’s Wharf, behind Morrisons supermarket and on towards Derwent Surgery, as a “minefield”.

Ian Cuthbertson, who has lived in Chandler’s Wharf for 12 years, said the amount of dog fouling along the path is unbelievable.

He said he had been to Ryedale District Council to ask for dog fouling signs to be put up along the path.

“I was on the path one day when a bloke and his dog walked along so I said, ‘I hope you are going to pick it up’ and he said ‘who do you think you are?’,” he said.

“He then saw the dog fouling sign I had in my hand and said he would.”

Ian said he and other local residents were forced to clean up the mess themselves.

“We keep it clean as best we can but sometimes it is like a minefield,” he said.

“We have nothing against people walking their dogs along as long as they bring bags and pick up after them.”

The former dog warden left Ryedale District Council (RDC) during the Towards 2020 financial restructuring of the authority.

Cllr Nathan Garbutt Moore, who was elected to RDC last year, has since been campaigning to re-instate the position of a dedicated dog warden.

Cllr Garbutt Moore said the issue had been mentioned to him on a number of occasions by his constituents.

“I know many people are frustrated with dog fouling including myself as a responsible dog owner,” he said.

“I have to say it it’s a minority of dog owners who don’t pick up and dispose of their dogs waste, the majority of us dog owners are responsible.

“Following my motion to council last year I am really pleased that we should be advertising for the equivalent to a dog warden very soon, they will also take enforcement issues as well as dog related issues.”

Anyone in charge of a dog, who does not immediately clear up after their pet, is liable for a fine by the issue of a Fixed Penalty Notice.

Failure to pay within 14 days or repeat offenders may be prosecuted in the magistrate’s court and may face a penalty of up to £1,000.