A PARAMEDIC in a hazmat suit is reported to have taken a patient away from a York house last night.

Pictures and video by a reader show the medic in protective gear inside an ambulance outside a property, and walking towards the house - said to be in the Hull Road area of the city.

The reader said the paramedic took a patient, who he believed to be a woman, away from the house.

Public Health England has declined to comment on the matter, saying: "We will not be providing rolling updates on suspected cases. This is to protect patient confidentiality."

It said the latest updates on coronavirus were published at 2pm everyday.

"As of 4 February, a total of 416 UK tests have concluded, of which 414 were confirmed negative and 2 positive," said a spokesperson.

“The NHS is extremely well prepared and used to managing infections and preparations have been in place in the event of UK cases of novel coronavirus.”

York Central MP Rachael Maskell has repeatedly complained about a lack of communication from the health authorities about the coronavirus outbreak.

She said on hearing of the latest development in Hull Road: "It is crucial that the public are kept informed of developments associated with the Coronavirus infection.

"I have raised this twice in the House of Commons this week and am awaiting a further meeting with the Minister."