THE FELICE Brothers have earned themselves comparisons to Neil Young, Bob Dylan and James Brown thanks to their distinct brand of song-writing and lawless sound.

A close-knit band of two brother and two friends the band have announced they will play Pocklington Arts Centre (PAC) on Tuesday, June 23, 8pm, as part of their forthcoming European and US tour.

PAC director Janet Farmer said: “I was privileged to see them at Luck Reunion, held at Willie Nelson’s ranch, and can highly recommend them. Expect a raucous and energetic performance that will be something to truly treasure.”

Ian and James Felice grew up in the Hudson valley of upstate New York.

Self-taught musicians, inspired as much by Hart Crane and Whitman as by Woody Guthrie and Chuck Berry, they began in 2006 by playing subway platforms and sidewalks in NYC. They have gone on to release nine albums of original songs and to tour extensively throughout the world.

In 2019, they released their latest album ‘Undress’ to critical acclaim and will be performing songs from this and their extensive back catalogue at their PAC show, accompanied by Will Lawrence (drums) and Jesske Hume (bass).

Tickets for The Felice Brothers are on sale now at or call the Box Office on 01759 301547.