PLANS for a development of homes on a factory site are set to get the go-ahead.

Bright Steels Limited has applied for permission for the demolition of existing offices and factory buildings in Beverley Road, Norton, and the building of four three-bedroom terraced houses and a block of six two-bedroom flats. The application also includes associated access, parking and landscaping.

A report to Ryedale District Council’s (RDC) planning committee tonight (Tuesday) says the application site is located on the corner of Wood Street, Little Wood Street and Beverley Road, and is currently occupied by a relatively large office and factory buildings associated with Bright Steels, together with a timber hut.

The report says: “The buildings directly adjoin the footpath along Beverley Road and Little Wood Street and range from approximately 6.75 to eight metres in height, incorporating a range of materials, including stonework, brickwork and corrugated sheeting. The design and access statement confirms these are currently unused and these appear to be in a poor state of repair. The wider locality incorporates predominately residential and industrial uses, with residential properties adjoining the site to the north, east and south. Further land under the ownership of Bright Steels includes the works to the north west and west of the application site and office buildings to the south.”

The plans have been backed by Norton Town Council and one nearby resident who said the plans would help improve the visuals of the area.

Another says that while they had no objection to the plans there were concerns over parking in the area.

They added: “I would like it to be ensured that there is sufficient parking for all the properties so that vehicles do not ‘spill’ out onto the surrounding area and make it even more difficult for existing residents to park their own vehicles in what is a much overcrowded area, and that any dangers to the public are considered before any approval of this application.”

The report, which recommends approval of the application, said: “This proposal results in an enhancement upon the existing unused industrial site, securing wider visual improvements within the local street scene.

“It is not considered that this would result in harm to residential amenity and that the development can be undertaken without any adverse impacts to access and highway safety, with appropriate off street parking provision secured.”