PLANS to build 43 timber holiday homes on an airfield near Wombleton have been recommended for approval despite concerns from users of the runway.

The application, by GraceMax Ltd, proposes to construct the holiday park on an 8.5-hectare site off Hungerhill Lane.

The site is part of Wombleton Airfield which was used in the Second World War. There are currently a series of runways in operation, and the site is classified as a general aviation aerodrome.

The application was first lodged with the Ryedale District Council (RDC) in July 2018 and has since undergone eight different iterations. The scheme has also gone before the planning committee on three occasions, twice in late 2018 and once in 2019.

The current application has undergone a number of revisions, including the reduction of the number of lodges from 65 to 43 and avoiding specific areas of land concerning aviation safety and the existing areas of trees.

Other alterations include a reduction in the car park, the deletion of a proposed public footpath to the south of the site to Moorfields and changes to the siting of the manager’s accommodation

Wombleton Parish Council has sustained its objections due to the impact on the village, increase in traffic during construction and in occupation, noise pollution for residents close to the proposed development and concerns it will lead to second or main homes by “the back door”.

A further 22 letters of objection to the plans have been made to RDC and six in favour commenting that the holiday park would provide good quality tourist facilities and bring more business to local trade.

Concerns were also raised by owners of the airfield over aviation safety.

In a statement, they said: “I and my leaseholders have rights to use runway 17, an approval would see the retention of the earth bund, trees and four chalets directly in line with the approach to the runway17. A pilot experiencing engine failure, unexpected downdraft or very slight misjudgement could result in multiple fatalities.

“This is not the better informed re-application I had hoped for, and my objection to it therefore remains.”

The report to the planning committee tonight (Tuesday) said: “While the site extent and use of the land has not changed, there are a number of key changes which have been made to this scheme which have resulted in the application being considered to be compliant with the provisions of the Ryedale Plan.

“Key longstanding issues, which relate to the matters of aviation safety and noise have been satisfactorily mitigated. This application is therefore recommended for approval with a series of conditions.”