CONCERNS have been raised that a path which forms part of the Wolds Way Centenary Walk has been blocked to walkers.

The path, along the edge of Knapton Wood, has been obstructed by a caravan since the beginning of summer. Since then a no entry sign has been put up.

Cllr Ben Jenkinson, a member of Wintringham Parish Council, said: “This has affected a lot of folk here and in Heslerton who like to walk this way.

“The path is part of the Wolds Way Centenary Walk and attracts thousands of visitors to Ryedale every year.”

Cllr Jenkinson added: “There is no question that the path is a definitive right of way.

“National trails have the highest rating of any right of way and it is illegal to block them.”

Fellow parish councillor Pat Pitcher said she and her husband walked their dogs in the Wolds on a daily basis.

She said: “On November 13 one of our fellow dog walkers told us that a sign had been erected to stop

people going into the woods from the direction of West Heslerton.

“Three days later the sign had been put to one side and all the barb wire lay on the ground which could have been fatal for the wildlife in the area.”

Cllr Pitcher said the sign was later put back up and boulders placed against a gate.

“Lots of walkers, who are not locals, are confused as all the signs have been taken down and ask us if they going the right way.

“This is badly affecting people’s enjoyment of this walk.”

Ian Fielding, North Yorkshire County Council’s assistant director, said: “This route along the edge of Knapton Wood is a public bridleway and forms part of the Yorkshire Wolds Way.

“We are aware of the issues, including the obstruction caused by a caravan and the more recent barriers placed on the path, and understand and support people’s right to be able to use the route freely.

“We have contacted the landowner regarding these matters and are working to ensure the issues are resolved as quickly as possible.”