THE friends and family of a well-known man have launched a fundraising campaign after he was left with life-changing injuries following an accident while on holiday in New Zealand.

Chris Hamilton, who lives in Kirkbymoorside, was two days into his holiday when he fell off an e-scooter he was riding and was knocked unconscious.

The 42-year-old, who works as a chef at The Lion Inn, Blakey Ridge, was then involved in a collision with a car.

He is currently in a stable, but critical condition in Auckland Hospital.

Paul Crossland, manager of The Lion Inn, said: “For many, many years Chris has been a most cheerful, helpful, loyal, considerate and hard-working member of the Blakey family.

"He is always someone you can rely on and happy to step in whenever he was needed.

“It is always great to see Chris’ name on the shift rota as he is such a good guy to work with.

“Chris is a friend as well as an employee.

“Every year he works hard for 10 months then treats himself to an amazing holiday and visits the great friends he has gained all around the world from his travels.”

Paul added: “On Saturday, November 16, a few days into his latest trip to New Zealand, Chris was involved in an horrific accident that has left him with devastating, life-changing injuries.

“He is currently in a stable, but critical condition in Auckland Hospital, thousands of miles from home.

“This has been a big shock to us all and we are absolutely devastated. Funds are being raised to help his family get out to him, and to provide support for the difficult months and years ahead.

“We appreciate any help that can be given, no matter how small.”

Chris’ father, Andrew, said the whole family were devastated following the accident.

“His sister Louise has flown out to New Zealand to be with Chris,” said Andrew.

“Chris is now conscious and off the critical list, but he remains very, very ill and with life-changing injuries.”

Andrew said Chris had developed a love of travelling at an early age.

“He travelled all over Scotland and we went back-packing together in the Far East when he was in his 20s,” he said.

“We used to go visiting places together and he has since travelled to every continent apart from Antarctica. Chris also lived in New Zealand for a couple of years and has friends all over the world.

“He was also a big motorbike fan and used to go to all the races, including the TT race on the Isle of Man, and has lots of friends in the motorcycling world.”

Anyone who would like to make a donation can do so at