PUPILS at Langton Primary School are hoping that big things will come out of little acorns after helping to plant 100 trees.

The school is working with mindfulness coach Angela Hepworth who has taken part in a series of sessions with the children based around being calm, gaining confidence, resilience, kindness, self-esteem, meditation and visualisation.

Mrs Hepworth said: “It is incredible how much the pupils at Langton Primary School have embraced the sessions.

“We have been looking at different aspects of mindfulness and encouraging them to express their feelings and show kindness to others.

“They have also been practising meditation and deep-breathing techniques.”

Mrs Hepworth added: “As part of these sessions we planted 100 acorns in the grounds of Langton Hall where the owner, William Langton, had kindly set aside an area for us.

“I explained to the children that over the years these acorns would grow bigger just as they will.

“We also looked at the benefits of planting trees and how they would provide homes and shelter for wild animals.

“The children also made markers and were able to return with their parents and family to show them where they had planted their acorns.”

Mrs Hepworth said the school had also received a certificate from the Woodland Trust which is currently leading The Big Climate Fightback and encouraging the planting of one million trees by the end of November.

“It is good to know that we are doing our bit to support the campaign,” she said.

“We are also extremely grateful to Mr Langton for the kindness he has shown to the children by allowing them a piece of land to plant the acorns which he also intends to introduce wild flowers on.”