A COUPLE who own a Pickering pub have launched an appeal to raise more than £6,000 towards the cost of the running of a newly-installed CCTV system in the town.

The Black Swan, owned by Jill and Philip Hall, were part of the successful reinstatement of a CCTV system in 2018 after the previous system was removed by Pickering Town Council in 2013.

Jill said: “Unlike the previous system, the new one features more cameras with greater coverage at a significantly higher resolution and has already assisted the police greatly in dealing with criminal activity in the town and the wider area.

“Anti-social behaviour has already decreased, alongside the community feeling more secure.”

The initial installation cost was met by a handful of the town’s businesses and collections at the Pickering Co-Op.

Philip added: “The Black Swan, the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, the White Swan and the Forest and Vale have contributed towards the new system; alongside a grant from Pickering Town Council – but sadly this is not enough to keep the CCTV running.

“There is the possibility that Pickering’s CCTV will be lost by the end of 2019 unless we are able to raise the money to cover the operating costs.

“Does Pickering want to be active in preventing criminal activity? Or wait for the crime to happen and deal with the consequences.

“If every person in Pickering gave just £1, we would be able to send a strong message to those who seek to damage our community through criminal activity.”

Ryedale Cameras in Action has supported Pickering in keeping the system operational, alongside other towns such as Malton and Norton.

Cllr Martin Dales, chairman of Ryedale Cameras in Action, said: “In light of recent criminal activity around Ryedale, we hope more can support fundraising for the quarterly upkeep of the CCTV system in Pickering.

“With increased support and community involvement, a partnership can be made to prevent further crime and create a feeling of security not only for local businesses, but everyone in Pickering.”

To donate, visit justgiving.com/crowdfunding/pickeringcctv