A POPULAR woman who died of cancer will be remembered at a fundraising event this month.

Hilary Turnbull, 72, from Malton, died in September, and now her family have decided to fundraise for Cancer Research UK and Saint Catherine’s Hospice.

The event will take place alongside an open day at Bigboolies in Malton after staff at the printing firm heard about Hilary’s story.

Katy Turnbull, Hilary’s daughter, said her mum had an amazing gift of making people feel safe.

She said: “One lady approached me saying she confided in my mum about suffering with post-natal depression. My mum went over with a bunch of flowers and chatted to her about anything and everything; without her, the lady said she might not even be here.

“That was the type of person my mum was; thoughtful and caring.

“When my sister and I organised the funeral, we were so overwhelmed with the amount of people who attended and the lovely stories about her life.

“She had an amazing gift of making you feel safe and calm, which came in useful when she attended the birth of my three children.

“Mum saw the beauty in everything; she loved making us laugh and even when she was told there was no hope, her humour still prevailed.

“Her only concern was that she wasn’t going to be there to help us with our grief - we love and miss her everyday.”

The charity event will take place on November 17, from 10.30am, and will include a tombola, raffle and a chance to view Bigboolies new premises and products.

Malton companies such as Florios, Just Barbering and Taylormaid Cleaning have donated prizes, including photoshoots, hairdressing/barber vouchers, meals for two and food hampers.

Katy added: “It was difficult for everyone when my mum passed away in September, so even a small donation would make a massive difference and honour her memory.

“Alongside the open day for Bigboolies, what a wonderful way to celebrate the company's achievements by hosting a fundraiser for Saint Catherine’s Hospice and Cancer Research UK.

“We are still looking for more prizes, everyone is welcome to come along to honour an amazing woman.”

Raffle tickets are £1 a ticket and £5 a strip, to be purchased at either the event or Katy herself. For more information, phone Katy on 07581 363441.