This month, members of Kirkbymoorside Camera Club have turned their focus on sport and nature, with a set of images captured both at home and abroad.

Bob Ordidge - Camargue Horses

The Camargue region in Southern France is the home to the native semi wild ancient horses which run freely in small groups. The local farmers have developed a market for attracting visitors to watch the horses galloping through the water. This picture was taken at 1/25 of a second to blur the background, water and the horse’s legs. This gives a sense of motion and only works if one of the horses is rendered in sharp focus.

Andrew Hollins - Blackbird

I was trying to grow grass on a fairly rocky bank so had put down a mixture of mulch and grass seed. After a cloudburst, this mixture proved to be irresistible for the blackbird, who was obviously building a nest. She raced to and fro in great earnest and took no notice of my presence, which allowed me to crawl really close. The big bonus was it being a bank which meant she was almost at eye level. She then gave me this accusative look as if I should be helping not just watching.

Harry Kingman - Triathlon Cyclist

One of the athletes competing in the triathlon at Castle Howard in July. She had already completed a gruelling 1,500 metre open water swim and then after this 45km cycle she had to complete a 10km. run. She finished as the third fastest female.

David Ireland - Water Buck

Taken in Tanzania, we came upon this water buck. I liked the way the animal was framed in its surrounding habitat.

Julie Cowdy - Final Flight

“I’ve brought you a dragonfly,” my husband said, “I thought you might like to do something with it.” He knows me so well. Sadly, it was dead, but still looked fascinating, with the intricacy of its wings intact. I decided to make a very detailed, close up image using a macro lens. I used a shallow depth of field and a textured layer behind to get rid of unnecessary details and focus on the subject.

Lynn Wraith - Concentration

This image was taken at Howsham Mill, near Kirkham Priory, where the local canoeing club occasionally hold white water slalom events.

Harry Kingman - Sheep Racing

Taken at Countryfile Live at Castle Howard on a very wet Friday. It was the first time I had seen sheep racing. They seemed to enjoy it in spite of the rain.

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