A MUM who suffers from a rare sleep condition has been nominated for an inspirational award after losing a baby at just 16 days old.

Holly Burdett, who lives in Pickering, suffers from idiopathic hypersomnia and delayed sleep phase syndrome, which leaves her struggling with fatigue. She also suffers from borderline personality disorder and anxiety.

The 25-year-old has been nominated for an Inspirational Mother award at The Butterfly Awards 2019, that honours the baby loss community, after losing her baby daughter, Silver Rose two years ago.

Holly and her husband, Fabian, had their first baby, Beau Ryder in 2016. “We were delighted at his first birthday to find out we were expecting once again,” she said.

“This pregnancy was difficult from the start, I had terrible morning sickness and acute pre-natal depression, something many people are not aware of.

“At my 20-week scan my world came crashing down. Issues had arisen which included minimal amniotic fluid, echogenic bowels, kidney issues and a dolichocephalic (conical) skull.

“Our worst fears were confirmed and the doctor told us our baby would almost certainly die. We were broken and had been told to go away and think about our options.”

Holly said the couple decided against termination and she started having weekly scans.

“Despite my mental health problems, I discovered an inner strength I had never experienced before, the epitome of maternal love,” she said.

“Eventually the time came at 32 weeks where she was struggling on the inside and for her own wellbeing it was time to deliver.

“There was a pocket of blood behind the placenta and there was fears I could internally bleed. I was more than happy to put my life on the line with a c-section to ensure she was born alive, with a risk that neither of us would survive.

Holly said: “Despite everything we had been told she was a fighter and it showed in her personality. She lived for an amazing 16 days and I was lucky enough to have my first cuddle the day before she passed away.”

Holly added: “Due to my borderline personality disorder and anxieties, I find it incredibly difficult to engage face to face.

“I desperately wanted to help other grieving parents, however, and found blogging was my way of connecting with the outside world.

“My blog is named My Journey with Silver Rose and I have had much positive feedback from other parents who have lost babies that have found comfort in my openness and honesty.”

Holly said they were very fortune to conceive again after losing Silver and after another difficult and anxious pregnancy, Leilani Neveah was born on January 14 this year.

Holly has since been nominated for the Inspirational Mum award at the annual Butterfly Awards on October 19. The awards are organised by the charity Finley’s Footsteps, which provides information and support for parents and professionals following the death of a baby.

“I have over the past 18 months become a better version of myself thanks to my daughter Silver Rose gracing us for those precious days.

“I have recently set up a new business too with an aim to further my fundraising for two baby loss charities, Tiny Lives Trust and The Lullaby Trust.

“We are launching with pin badges for bereaved parents, as a way for them to clearly identify themselves as parents and encourage others to talk and ask questions about their babies.

“I have learnt the hard way that life is not always fair or fun, but I have also learnt so much about love and how precious time is well spent.

“I have unfortunately connected with many stillbirth parents and I am able to look at those 16 days we had with such warmth and feel so lucky to say I got to know that little girl’s feisty personality and got to feel her tiny fingers wrap around mine.

“I am so lucky to have had a daughter that opened her eyes to look at me, something not all parents get to experience and many take for granted that are fortunate to have never been touched by grief.”

To vote for Holly go to //finleysfootprints.com/inspirational-mother-holly-burdett-profile-page/