A GROUP of 18 former Lady Lumley’s students spent an afternoon revisitng the school in Pickering.

They were guided around the school by three members of the senior team - Evie Harrison- Bradley, Luke Armstrong and Curt Hoggarth.

Some of the visitors had been students at the school in 1959 when it opened on its present site and others in subsequent years in the early 1960s.

The ex-students were greeted by Richard Bramley, the current head teacher, and he was rewarded by a rendition of the school song, memorised from so many years ago.

On the tour of the school the visitors had some nostalgic moments, particularly when they spotted that the school tie worn in Years 7 to 9 today is the same as that used 60 years ago.

The visitors were surprised by the size of the school and impressed by the facilities on offer, particularly the number of computers and computer rooms in the school.

The ex-students reminisced about the teachers they had all those years ago and the friends who used to be in their classes and the first head girl in 1959-60 and was able to see her name on the honours board in the school hall.

Mr Bramley was able to say farewell to the visitors at the end of their tour and said it would be a pleasure to see them again on their next reunion.