A TRADITIONAL red phone box, containing a miniature print studio, has popped-up in Pickering Library.

Suzie Devey, a printmaker from Yorkshire, was awarded funding from the Arts Council National Lottery Project Grant to create and tour the Two Tin Can kiosk as a miniature printmaking studio.

Visitors to the library in Pickering were able to meet Suzie, who guided them through the printmaking process and chatted about how being creative can make a difference to people.

Suzie said: “Being creative has so many benefits; it can really help to tackle isolation.

“We have a huge dilemma of loneliness in our society, among the elderly and the young.

“I realised that creating a pop-up phone box would mean I could take it anywhere and create a conversation.

“I was thrilled to received Arts Council National Lottery Project Grant funding for the initiative, which has made all this possible.”