THE brother of a woman who died seven months after being diagnosed with a brain tumour has had his head shaved to raise funds to help find a cure for the disease.

Ian Williams, who lives in Pickering, decided to brave the shave to support the charity Brain Tumour Research.

He said: “My ‘little’ sister Pamela collapsed while she was visiting her husband in hospital.

“At first the doctors weren’t sure what was matter with her and thought it could be epilepsy, however they then found legions on her brain and a scan revealed it was a brain tumour.

“Sadly, it was on part of the brain which couldn’t be operated on and Pamela’s health slowly started to deteriorate. Over the next seven months there was a slow deterioration of Pamela’s motor skills, which was very distressing to watch.

“Pamela has always been a very active and lively person, a bit of a fitness addict and involved in many activities.

“She had been a police officer in the Cleveland Police Force, where she lived, and served in Special Branch, however she became very confused and could not comprehend what was going on around her.

“She passed away in July, aged 69.”

Ian, who is 74 and also has three brothers, said he has wanted to do something to raise funds and decided a head shave was the most appropriate.

“Much to my wife Liz’s dismay, I chose this as a way of raising funds for Brain Tumour Research as it seemed the closest thing to a head problem,” he said.

Ian was supported by members of Pickering and District Rotary Club, which he has been a member of for eight years.

“The cutting was probably more stressful for Beth with a group of baying Rotarians trying to get her to leave patterns on the back of my head or leave a ‘Mohican’,” he said.

“Fortunately I can’t see it, although I do get a shock every time I look in the mirror.

“I cannot recall the number of times I have reached for my comb and then realised there is nothing to comb.

“Hopefully in a couple of months’ time I will be able to put my comb back to use.”

Ian has so far raised £1,500 with with further donations to come in.

“I had no set figure in mind when starting this but have been truly amazed at the support I have received for this very worthy cause. The generosity has been amazing.

“The word has spread and I have even received donations from friends abroad who have been informed through the grapevine.”

Ian added: “I think Pamela would have been very pleased and proud of what I have done.

“She was a generous person and we have always been a very close family.

“I would like to thank everyone for their support and would be grateful for any further donations.”

Anyone who would like to make a donation can do at