MALTON'S Eden Camp Museum will be welcoming a special charity set up to keep alive the memory of the servicemen and women who suffered as POWs in the Far East during the Second World War.

Annette and Stewart Hughes, members of Children & Families of Far East Prisoners of War (COFEPOW), will be representing the charity at the museum tomorrow (Thursday) - the anniversary of VJ Day, when up to 800 visitors are expected.

Nick Hill, museum manager, said: “While Britain was celebrating the end of war in Europe, those serving in the Far East were still losing their lives, often in terrible conditions and circumstances.

"When Victory over Japan was eventually achieved, it was months before many were able to return to the UK, and by then the country was in a major state of recovery which meant there was simply not the celebrations that had followed the end of the war in Europe.

"While we have exhibitions relating to the war in the Far East, we thought it appropriate that the families of those that served in the Far East are given the opportunity to tell our visitors about their loved ones own personal experiences.”