A NEW special constable in Malton is one of seven who are now ready to serve their communities in North Yorkshire.

Ben Mulderrig was among the volunteer police officers at the attestation ceremony - a formal declaration performed in front of a magistrate - at North Yorkshire Police headquarters in Northallerton on Thursday.

Ben said: “From a young age it has been an ambition of mine to join the police, but after completing a public service qualification I didn’t feel like I had the experience.

“Since then, with five years as a carer for people with learning disabilities, I have gained that experience. I have always enjoyed roles where the work I do and my actions really matter, and throughout my training it has reinforced that this area of work is right for me.

“I am now looking forward to gaining further experience and putting my new knowledge to use, making a positive impact with North Yorkshire Police and the local community.”

The ceremony marks the completion of the special constables’ mandatory initial four months’ training, which also includes one foundation week.

Special Constables are committed to volunteering a minimum of 16 hours’ service every month.