A NORTON author’s debut novel has been nominated in the People’s Book Prize.

Andrew Porter, who writes under the name Galahad Porter, published At Reception last year. It is one of 20 that have been shortlisted in the fiction category of the People’s Book Prize.

The People’s Book Prize is a literary competition aimed at finding, supporting and promoting new and undiscovered works - and the winner is decided by the public.

At Reception tells the story of Sally, a hotel worker who chooses to live alone, and confronts “issues of loneliness, stress and self-discovery”.

Mr Porter said: “I’m really chuffed that At Reception has been chosen to be showcased for prize. It’s nice for a local writer to get national recognition and any success for the region is good.”

“I was only (just) average at school in English, so my Mum is delighted.

“I do hope people read and vote for At Reception. The People’s Book Prize is voted for by the public, not a panel of judges.”