A SINGER who wrote a Formula 1 anthem has seen his home wrecked by a speeding car.

Fame Academy star Alistair Griffin penned Just Drive, which became the theme song for F1 coverage on Sky Sports.

But he was left wishing he had written "just slow down" after his house in York was wrecked by a stolen Audi which was being chased by police.

York Press:

Alistair outside the house. Picture: GLEN MINIKIN

The car mounted the kerb, destroyed a bus stop, crashed over his garden wall and landed on its roof, destroying the front windows and walls of two houses.

Alistair, 39, said: "Luckily I wasn't in at the time but when I got home it was in quite a mess.

"The car was apparently being followed by the police when it lost control and went right over the wall and ended up hitting my house and next door."

His neighbour, Moira Grainger, said she thought the roof of her home had collapsed when the car struck her house at about 5.30am, and she threw open her window to find out what had happened.

She said: "I looked out and literally at first thought it was part of the house on the front lawn, then realised it was a car. There was still music playing and the hazard lights were flashing, and within seconds, police were on the scene.

"I shouted down to the police as I'm first aid trained and asked if they needed help or if I should phone an ambulance. They pulled [the driver] out of the car through the window and he walked away. I thought I was dreaming it."

"I asked if the driver was okay, and the policeman said 'don't you worry yourself about him at all."

North Yorkshire Police said officers were alerted to the theft of a white Audi A4 from a garage in Jackson Street, York, at just after 3.30am on February 28.

A man in his 30s from the York area has been charged with attempted burglary and other theft charges, interfering with a vehicle, aggravated vehicle taking, driving while disqualified and driving without appropriate insurance.

Alistair has had two top 20 singles and a top 20 album since he was discovered on Fame Academy in 2003 when he was mentored by Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees.