Warning: the video above contains language that some may find offensive

A COUNCILLOR has resigned from his position on a district council following comments captured on video by a protester.

Cllr Charles Carter is to step down with immediate effect from his role as a Breckland Councillor for Saham Toney ward.

Yesterday he was suspended from the Conservative Group at Breckland Council by Leader William Nunn, pending the outcome of a full investigation by the Mid Norfolk Conservative Association into concerns relating to Cllr Carter’s conduct.

His resignation was received last night and accepted by the Leader of Breckland Council, William Nunn.

Mr Carter, recently appointed as master of the Middleton Hunt, was filmed on Monday, while he was out with the hunt.

Linda Hoggard, who recorded the video, said he had been 'shocked' by what Cllr Carter had said.

He and Mrs Hoggard were filmed exchanging words, and there is an allegation of illegal hunting of a fox, to which Cllr Carter does not respond.

The exchange shown in the video extract above then follows.

Mr Carter is heard to say: "I'd quite like to shag you actually." He subsequently adds: "Can I take you to bed please?".

Mrs Hoggard, 41, who lives near Malton, said she had been out taking wildlife photographs when she had come across the hunt.

"I don't agree with it at all but the last time I protested against anything was years ago," she added.

"I saw the fox and panicked. I tried to get a photo of it and ran after them to save the fox. I don't know what happened to it."

Mrs Hoggard said she had been livid at the way Cllr Carter spoke to her.

"I was shocked at what he said to me. No-one should speak to anyone like that not least a man of that standing and education."

Mr Carter represented the Soham Toney ward on Breckland Council in Norfolk.

A statement on the council website yesterday said: "Breckland Council has this morning been made aware of a video of a hunt in Yorkshire in which one of its Councillors, Charles Carter, made inappropriate and offensive comments to a protester.

William Nunn, Leader of Breckland Council, said: "Having been made aware of the video this morning, I was appalled by the conduct of one of my Conservative Councillors who has clearly brought the party and the Council into disrepute as a result of his behaviour.

"I immediately took action and the individual concerned has been suspended from the Conservative Group at Breckland Council pending the outcome of a full investigation by the Mid Norfolk Conservative Association."

Suspension is a neutral act, and as such, it would be inappropriate at this stage to make any further comment ahead of the investigation outcome.

A spokeswoman for North Yorkshire Police said: "North Yorkshire Police were called at 10.38pm on Monday 23 January following reports that an altercation had taken place at 2.50pm earlier that day between a man and a woman in Duggleby, Malton. Investigations are ongoing."

  • The Press and The Gazette & Herald contacted the Middleton Hunt and Mr Carter. Neither has yet responded.