A JOGGER who got his knee trapped in a metal barrier he failed to hurdle is determined to see the funny side of his experience.

Sam Hutchinson was on a lunchtime run near his Acomb home yesterday when he approached the railway tunnel between Hob Moor and Tadcaster Road.

"I saw this yellow fence that I thought I could jump over," he said.

"I went for the jump, slipped and my knee just got stuck in the fence.

"It was more slippery than I expected."

Sam added: "I have just started MMA (mixed martial arts) training and got told to go running to build up my stamina.

"I think everyone who saw me had a good laugh."

The 24-year-old courier was stuck in the barrier for around an hour until 1.45pm when he was released by firefighters, who were able to prise the bars apart.

Despite his mishap, Sam took photos of the entire incident and shared them with his friends on Snapchat.

Follow his mishap step by step on the pictures above

"I thought it would be a good way to keep my mind off it," he said.

"It certainly made my friends laugh.

Sam said his knee "hurt a bit", but didn't need hospital treatment and he hobbled home.

"A few people came to try and help me and find a crowbar, but that didn't work," said Sam.

"I was debating what to do because I didn't want to make a fuss."

A passerby then called 999, which led to Sam's rescue.

He said: "As soon as the fire brigade were called, they got me out in about five minutes. They were really good."

Sam estimated the barrier to have been three-foot high, but he is not planning a repeat attempt to clear it.

He said: "I won't try it again. I have learnt my lesson!"