A TELEVISION show winner is donating all of his prize money to charity.

York was the setting for last night’s Come Dine With Me and Craig Wilby, who scooped first place and £1,000 for his three-course meal dinner party, will hand the cash over to St Leonard’s Hospice.

Mr Wilby, 42, decided to donate the money after seeing the way staff treated his cousin Nicola Laverack, 38, before she died from cancer on Boxing Day 2011.

He said: “These places are really good and you never know when you’re going to need them.

“I saw how well they looked after Nicola in the final weeks of her life and they deserve this.”

Mr Wilby, of Willow Waters Fishery, in Pocklington, won after dishing up a bruschetta starter with salsa and Aylesbury duck eggs, a fish pie main course and chocolate ganache dessert for fellow contestants Ollie, Nicola and Svenja.

Filming took place over a week and the group have stayed in touch since the cameras stopped rolling.

“I’ve been a fan of the show for a while and I thought I would apply because of the location I live in,” he added.

“I’ve always enjoyed cooking and my food is all about good Yorkshire home comforts.

“I come from a performing arts background and entertaining people is something I’ve always enjoyed doing.

“I really enjoyed the company more than anything and we all got on, and there was a bond between the four of us.”

Dawn Clements, director of fundraising at St Leonard’s Hospice, said: “We are delighted that Craig chose to donate his winnings of £1,000 to St Leonard’s Hospice. “Well done to Craig for doing so well – it is such an achievement to win Come Dine With Me and we are very grateful of his kind gesture to pass on his hard earned winnings to the hospice which will help towards patient care.”