A RETIRED television cameraman is calling for more TV to be produced in Yorkshire - and more opportunities and training for young programme makers.

Keith Massey, from Bishopthorpe, who chairs the Guild of Television Cameramen, has written to all 51 Yorkshire MPs to ask them to support more funding for TV in the Yorkshire region.

Mr Massey, who retired from television filming in 2013 after a 50-year career based in Yorkshire but still undertakes private commissions, said he wanted more regional creative production with good budgets by broadcasters ITV Yorkshire, BBC Yorkshire and the region’s independent production companies.

He also said Yorkshire's regional television output needed to be taken from 'stone age standard' definition to High Definition and said he felt ITV Yorkshire’s studios in Leeds, used by the popular soap Emmerdale, should continue to be used.

He said: "Many camera and production talent used to cut their teeth in the regions, as well as reporters, but sadly many can’t get through the door these days - mainly because the BBC Nations and Regions adopted one man band video journalism with an accent on short news items and also letting anyone pick up a domestic camera.

"I think this model has gone well past its sell by date and I would like to see far more adventurous creative filming that reflects the region and its people and not that just reacts to news. Screen Yorkshire have done an incredible job on the cinema and prestigious tv drama side with investment in production and talent."

He said Yorkshire had once been a 'powerhouse' but when ITV ran into serious financial problems a few years ago, Yorkshire Television was hit very hard, losing much of its production and talent. However, ITV was in a stronger position now.

York Outer MP Julian Sturdy said he fully supported the campaign, saying: "Increasing the level of television production can only be a good thing for our county, bringing more jobs and training for all ages."

He added that he was now looking forward to meeting Mr Massey next month to discuss how he could be of assistance to the campaign.

A Department for Culture, Media & Sport spokeswoman was unable to comment yesterday.