ALPACAS and gun dogs were among the favourite attractions at the 107th annual Farndale Show yesterday

Attracting a large crowd thanks to friendly alpaca Callista, Lawrence Waller was showing his black Huacaya and white Suri alpacas from his farm Brookfield Alpacas, in Castleton.

"I love alpacas, they are fantastic animals and they always get a lot of attention when we come to Farndale," he said.

Lawrence, who once owned 52 alpacas and was the top breeder in the country, now has 10 and had brought several of his alpacas to the show to the delight of visitors.

Across from the alpacas in the main ring was Les Dixon, of Mountgrace Gundogs, based at East Harlsey.

His gundogs, Loxy, Charlie, Bragg, Sophie, Jade and Brock, were in the ring showing off their skills, while Les told the crowds about how he trains the dogs and prepares them for the shooting season.

Les said: "I have really enjoyed the show and I think the demonstration went well and people seemed to enjoy it. You don't have to be in to shooting to enjoy the demonstration either. It's a lovely little show and how I think country shows should be. I'd definitely come back next year if the committee would have me."