A PENGUIN chick with a bad case of splayed legs is back on his feet, thanks to his own wardrobe of special designer trousers.

Staff at Scarborough's Sea Life Centre discovered the problem when the chick was just three weeks old, and quickly realised the cause lay with the little one's over-attentive parents.

The centre's Lyndsey Crawford said: "It was a result of some over-zealous parenting by first-time mum and dad Pinky and Kev. Basically they sat on him a bit too heavily.

"It’s a common issue with many bird species, and their growth is so rapid it can result in a permanent disability unless treated quickly."

In an effort to straighten out his wonky legs, the centre has got the youngster some specially-tailored, tight-fitting trousers made from an elasticated bandage-like material.

Lyndsey added: “We have also been sitting him in a shallow pot to help keep his legs in the right position and gradually correct his posture as he continued to grow.”

The nine-week-old is a "he" for now, until his gender and DNA are checked out in his next full vet check.

He has stayed with his parents throughout his unusual therapy and Lyndsey and her colleagues have spotted him taking occasional glimpses out of the the nest box entrance, and demonstrating a normal penguin waddle.

The other residents of the Sea Life Centre’s Humboldt penguin colony have shown a keen interest in the new arrival.

“They are very social birds, greeting each other every morning and reinforcing the bond between them with regular bill tapping and mutual preening,” said Lyndsey.