RESIDENTS have been urged to have their say on the locations of North Yorkshire Police's mobile speed cameras.

Each week, North Yorkshire Police releases a list of locations around the region where the vans will be, to monitor traffic and try to ensure public safety.

This week, the force released brief reasons for the locations they have chosen, along with details on how to bring speed monitoring to a road near you.

A police spokeswoman said: "The cameras operate at three different types of site, these are 'Exceptional' sites, which are identified through the speed management protocol as being of community concern, 'Motorcycle' routes used by motorcycles that have a high incidence of collisions and anti social behaviour, and 'Killed or seriously injured' - sites where people have been killed or seriously injured and where excess or inappropriate speed has been deemed to be a factor."

Forms to report concerns on local roads to the police are available online and assessed by safety experts to determine the best method of monitoring the site, which could include engineering, signage, police enforcement or by using the mobile safety camera.

To report a concern about a road in North Yorkshire, go to