WHEN someone says they run a brewery the image of a huge factory with giant steel tumblers often comes to mind, but for two brothers their home became their brewery.

Taking home-brewing to a whole new level, David and Tony Williams have set up the Ryedale Brewing Company at their home in Malton Road, York, after moving from Haworth, in the heart of Brontë country, to care for their mother, who suffers from breathing problems.

Since they began working on the brewery about 18 months ago, the brothers have now got themselves a fully-working set-up, but with a difference. The pair have worked hard to get it just how they always pictured it, with square barrels instead of round, clad in wood and not steel.

David, 46, who cares for his mother full time, says the idea which started out as a hobby and an interest will hopefully turn into a full-time business. He said: “I have been interested in doing it for about 15 years now. It has been increasingly difficult at time but it has definitely been worth it. To see the end project working out is great.”

The two now brew four beers, Ryedale Pale, Ryedale Bitter, Ryedale Gold and Ryedale Stout, and sell to several pubs across Ryedale, including The Royal Oak at Old Malton and have recently developed their website and personalised their van.

Malton already has two established breweries in the town, Bad Seed Brewery and Brass Castle Brewery, but David and Tony insist that the market for local beers in Ryedale is strong enough to welcome one more.

“Everybody supports each other, we are all friends and there is plenty of room for everybody,” said David.

“People like different beers so there is something for everybody. Variety is the spice of life.”

The brothers have already sold their beers at Malton’s recent craft beer festival, Beertown, as well as events in London and have said they are thrilled at the response. As the business continues to grow they are hoping to improve their sales across Ryedale with the hopes that The Ryedale Brewing Company can become a full time business venture for them.

Find out more at ryedalebrewing.co.uk or email info@ryedalebrewing.co.uk