TWO Ryedale writers are getting on their bikes to get children interested in the Tour de France.

Amotherby author Andy Seed and Mike Barfield, Strip Cartoonist of the Year for 2013, have joined forces to create a theatrical show explaining how the tour began, and how it has developed over its 111-year history.

Andy, who wrote the series of memoirs All Teachers Great And Small, said he hopes the one-hour performance, which will be performed at primary schools, will get children excited about the race, which comes to Yorkshire in July for the Grand Depart.

Andy said: “A lot of children know about it, but don’t really know what it is, and this will be a light-hearted and entertaining way of telling them all about it.

“Although the race is not coming to Ryedale, we want local schools to feel involved.

“It's going to be very visual and we will be doing little sketches and hopefully it will get them excited about the race.”

The duo performed in 33 schools across the county last year with their Oh-Lympics! show and this year’s performance will teach children about how the race works, what the course is like and how long it is.

Northern Ride bike shop, in Malton, is loaning the pair a new bike while they apply to Team Sky for permission to use a bike previously used in the Tour de France.

Andy said: “We will take in cycling equipment and cycling clothing. We’ve got yellow jerseys and polka dot jerseys. We will also be getting some kids out to take part in little challenges and we are hoping to see who can ride the fastest.”

Andy and Mike will start their Tour de Schools in May. To find out more visit and for bookings email or phone 01653 696704.