ON the fourth anniversary of her disappearance police have urged people who know what happened to Claudia Lawrence to come forward.

Claudia was last seen at around 3pm on March 18, 2009 after she walked home from working as a chef at the University of York.

Following her disappearance North Yorkshire Police launched what was to become one of the biggest and most intensive investigations in the force’s history.

Det Insp Adrian Gathercole, the deputy senior investigating officer, said: “We have not forgotten Claudia.

“Her silver Samsung D900 mobile phone and blue and grey Karrimor Spectre 10 rucksack remain unaccounted for. As with many investigations one vital piece of information could make the difference and enable us to complete the picture and finally resolve Claudia’s disappearance.”

Det Supt Ray Galloway, who led the investigation and retired in January, said: “For all of us the investigation became more than a professional function, it was a personal commitment to find out who was responsible for Claudia’s disappearance, and, notwithstanding my retirement, that commitment will sustain.

“The investigation will always remain with me and I am confident that, in the future, a positive resolution will be achieved. That is my fervent wish as it will help to bring some comfort to Claudia’s family, all of whom will remain very much in my thoughts.”

A dedicated workforce continues to search for Claudia, a police spokesman said.

If you can help the investigation, please contact North Yorkshire Police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.