AN AUTHOR is aiming to encourage children to put down their PS3s and read books again by staging a new reading show at primary schools across York and North Yorkshire.

Andy Seed, of Amotherby, near Malton, author of the popular All Teachers Great And Small book, based on his experiences teaching in Dales schools in the 1980s, has created a new theatrical presentation which he hopes will get children reading for pleasure.

He has devised the show with fellow children’s author Alan Gibbons, who leads the national Campaign For The Book protests against library closures.

He said the show will use the format of a one hour, fast-paced performance of sketches, readings, jokes, recommendations, stories, poems, drama and wild enthusiasm about books.

He said: “It’s interactive, fun and inspiring. It will be particularly suitable for reluctant readers and boys, but will be suitable for all seven to 11 year-olds.”

Books will be given away during the show, and teachers will be given a free How To Get Them Reading pack.

Mr Seed said: “Today’s children spend increasing amounts of time glued to screens: playing PS3 and hand-held games, texting on mobiles, watching TV and clicking around the internet.

“Our aim is to get children reading books again, to see them using their imagination and enjoying stories, to learn information and experience the richness of language that books offer. Children who read for pleasure do well at school and are often successful in life.

“Our aim to encourage children to read, to be proactive rather than simply to add to the protests about library closures, although we do agree with those, of course. We have both spent years visiting schools and enthusing children to enjoy books of all kinds and this show builds on all that know-how as well as our experience as children’s authors with over fifty publications.”

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