Costa Coffee has launched its new spring menu and I knew I had to try it.

The coffee shop chain regularly switches its menu up and it’s usually when a new season begins so as Easter and spring approach, the new menu has hit stores.

On the menu are new and returning sweet and savoury items so I tried a few of them and this is how it went.

I tried Costa Coffee’s new spring menu and this is what I thought

Usually, I’d sit in my local Costa Coffee and enjoy a bite to eat and something to drink but this time I got it to takeaway and enjoyed it back at home.


York Press: The KITKAT Frappe has been added to the Costa Coffee menu for spring and I'd have it againThe KITKAT Frappe has been added to the Costa Coffee menu for spring and I'd have it again (Image: Newsquest)

While the other KITKAT drinks and treats on the menu are returning items, this Frappe is a new one for this year and I’m glad it is!

This drink was a really nice change to the Frappes I usually get from Costa Coffee and it wasn’t too chocolatey but had lots of flavour.

It really did taste of KITKAT chocolate too which makes for a nice change to other chocolate-flavoured drinks you can get.

The highlight for me was the cream and KITKAT pieces on top – they were a real treat!


York Press: The KITKAT Muffin comes with a small bunny on topThe KITKAT Muffin comes with a small bunny on top (Image: Newsquest)

Keeping with the KITKAT theme, I tried the KITKAT Muffin and was pleasantly surprised.

I wanted to try the Blooming Lovely Chocolate Cake (it wasn’t available) but having tucked into the KITKAT muffin, I was more than happy.

Sometimes I find muffins can be a little stodgy but this one had a light sponge and some KITKAT chocolate paste in the middle.

To make it even better, it came with a small KITKAT Bunny on top with a swirl of icing and I’d recommend it for a light snack or a good option when catching up with friends over coffee and cake.

It's worth noting that the KITKAT range on the menu is exclusively available two weeks early for Costa Club members so you'll need to sign up to get it now or wait until it becomes available for non-members.

Halloumi and Chargrilled Veg Toastie

This toastie is everything I like in a sandwich and I’m already thinking about having another.

The flavours worked really well together with the chilli relish and spinach and there was plenty of halloumi and veg inside.

I cooked the toastie at home in the oven and it crisped up nicely – in fact, I think the multi-seed bread really added to it.

York Press: The new toasties went down very well - the Halloumi and Chargrilled Veg one is my favouriteThe new toasties went down very well - the Halloumi and Chargrilled Veg one is my favourite (Image: Newsquest)

Chicken N’Duja Toastie

I also cooked the Chicken N’Duja Toastie in the oven at home and again, I was impressed with the way it crisped up.

The toastie consists of roast chicken and ‘Nduja, roasted peppers, béchamel and tomato & oregano sauce, mozzarella and mature cheddar on multi-seed bread.  

While I preferred the Halloumi and Chargrilled Veg Toastie, I do think the Chicken N’Duja one is tasty.

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It’s worth bearing in mind that it has a spicy kick to it. For me, it was fine but any spicier and I probably would’ve struggled as I can’t handle spicy foods.

There was plenty of chicken and sauce in this toastie and again the multi-seed bread was a nice addition.

Overall, I’d recommend the items I tried from Costa Coffee’s spring menu and I’ll no doubt be back to have them again before they’re taken off the menu.