A DIY expert has shared a list of six jobs you need to start now to get your garden ready for spring. 

Spring and the warmer weather are almost here which means that it's the perfect time to start tacking your outdoor space in the hopes of spending more time in the coming months.

When should you start preparing your garden for spring?

It might still feel like winter - and the draw to hibernate is still very strong - but it's an ideal time to get back in your garden. 

One expert has urged Brits to get ahead now so that you save yourself "precious time and stress come spring" so that you can enjoy your outdoor haven for longer. 

With this in mind, Glen Peskett, DIY expert and owner of multi-tool supplier Saxton Blades, has shared six simple tasks to start now.

How to get your garden ready for spring in the UK

Outdoor Furniture Restoration

“Assess the condition of your outdoor furniture and identify any pieces that need to be repaired or replaced," according to the DIY pro.

Glen added: "Winter weather can weaken structures, so addressing issues now is essential to prevent further damage.

"Sand down rough spots and apply a fresh coat of paint or sealant to protect surfaces.

"Cleaning your furniture will prolong its lifespan, whilst replacing worn-out cushions or fabric covers can give your garden an easy facelift ready for spring.”

Patio Maintenance

Glen also urged gardeners to "inspect any sign of wear and tear, such as loose boards or cracks, and fix them promptly".

He also urged Brits to inspect and repair garden structures like fences and trellises as well as tidy up your garden beds to make spring planting much easier and more enjoyable.

Outdoor Lighting

One way to save yourself hassle once Spring arrives is by inspecting your lights and replacing any bulbs now.

Glen suggested: "For a garden upgrade, opt for eco-friendly motion sensor lights or install solar-powered lights along pathways or in garden beds.”

Service your Mower

Glen also commented that it's time to check your mower is in perfect condition as it’s not in regular use.

He added: "Clean it inside and out thoroughly, tightening any loose nuts and bolts.

"Now is also the best time to sharpen your mower blades, either with the appropriate tools at home or by taking them to a professional.

"If you choose to DIY, always make sure the mower is switched off before removing and replacing the blades.”

Organise Your Shed

“Organising your garden shed/storage area now will save time and frustration during the busy spring season," according to the DIY expert.

Glen explained: "Start by removing dead leaves, branches, and debris.

"Organise tools, pots, and gardening supplies, labelling shelves and creating designated storage areas.

"This simple step will save you time searching for items when you need them later on.”

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Clean Your Gutters

Glen also identified cleaning your gutters as a "simple step" that is crucial to prevent water damage to your home and garden.

Glen elaborated: "By removing debris from clogged gutters before spring rain arrives, you can avoid hefty repair fees further down the road.”