TV legend Trisha Goddard has shared that her cancer has returned and it's incurable.

The 66-year-old said that she plans to remain optimistic, opting for 'life-prolonging' treatment, sharing: "Keep enjoying what I have always enjoyed".

In 2008, the presenter was first diagnosed with breast cancer and has been recovering ever since.

Now Trisha has said she has secondary breast cancer also known as metastatic or stage 4 breast cancer.

Trisha Goddard shares breast cancer has returned 

Trisha spoke to Hello! Magazine on her recent diagnoses, as the Dancing on Ice star said she wouldn't "hide anymore".

Sharing that she knows this time "it's no going to go away", adding: "And with that knowledge comes grief and fear. But I must keep enjoying what I have always enjoyed."

Trisha told Hello! that she discovered she had cancer after having a fall when she was running upstairs at home and slipped.

The TV presenter was taken to hospital where she had broken her femur, and smashed her right hip doctors told her were "full of cancer cells."

Trisha is best known for her work on chat shows including the likes of 'Trisha', 'The Trisha Goddard Show' as well as appearing in 'You Are What You Eat'.

Currently living in Connecticut, America with her partner Allen, Trisha shared that she has chosen 'life-prolonging' treatment.

York Press: The star said that she has chosen 'life-prolonging treatment'.The star said that she has chosen 'life-prolonging treatment'. (Image: PA)

Adding: "I can’t lie; I can’t keep making up stories.

"It gets to a stage, after a year and a half, when keeping a secret becomes more of a burden than anything else."

Trisha also told Hello! that although the cancer is incurable, she doesn't want the words 'dying', 'terminal' or 'battling' associated with her health.

She shared that she doesn't want to be viewed as a "frail little thing" adding: "I’m a journalist; I don’t want to be “the story”. I don’t want to be interviewing someone and for them to say to me, “I’m so sorry”.