A new dark drama is coming to Channel 4 very soon, which concerns the ethical question of whether it is right to help someone end their own life.

The show stars Lindsay Duncan and Clarke Peters who come together with a group of friends at the wake of another pal.

They end up discussing the subject of death and end up forming the 'Truelove' pact as a promise to give each other a dignified exit.

However, when one of the group receives an unpleasant diagnosis, the dilemma of fulfilling that promise causes shockwaves.

A synopsis in the Radio Times reads: "Phil (Duncan) had a long and distinguished career in the police, but after 13 years of retirement she's very, very bored.

"Ken (Peters), a solitary SAS veteran, feels similarly at sea. When they meet for the first time in years at a friend's funeral, at the drunken wake they and their friends take it in turns to imagine what a dignified death looks like, dreaming of quality of years over quantity, but what starts as a joke soon morphs into reality when their beloved friend Tom asks them to make the ultimate sacrifice."

Alongside Duncan and Peters, the six-episode Channel 4 series contains the likes of Peter Egan, Phil Davis and Sue Johnston.

Channel 4 Truelove full cast

  • Lindsay Duncan as Phil
  • Clarke Peters as Ken
  • Peter Egan as David
  • Phil Davis as Nigel
  • Fiona Button as Kate
  • Sue Johnston as Marion
  • Karl Johnson as Tom
  • Zee Asha as Belinda
  • Alison Fitzjohn as Shirley
  • Kate Rutter as Barbara
  • Andrea Valls as PC Harding
  • Isabelle Pratt as Alexandra
  • Isaac Vincent-Norgate as Albert

When will Channel 4's Truelove be on TV?

The first episode of Channel 4's Truelove will air on the broadcaster at 9pm on Wednesday, January 3.

Following that the second episode will air in the same timeslot the day after (Thursday, January 4).

The remaining episodes will air on the following Wednesdays and Thursdays on the channel.