Aldi is back at it with another beauty dupe that's set to save customers more than £730.

Inspired by the luxury brand La Mer, the budget-friendly supermarket has created dupes of the designer's top-selling products named La Soie.

With a face serum, eye cream and facial moisturiser, Aldi’s prices start at £5.99 seeing a striking contrast between La Mer’s cheapest product at £155, with the priceiest at an eye-watering £365.

Although La Mer is beloved by celebrities including the likes of global pop star Selena Gomez, most of us do not have £730 to splash on some new skincare products.

This is why I was delighted to find out that Aldi’s next dupe would be inspired by the designer brand, as previous dupes by the supermarket including Rare Beauty and Dior blew me and fellow beauty addicts away.

Aldi’s La Mer dupes don’t hit stores nationwide until 10 December, but lucky for you (and me) I was given the chance to test out the new skincare range before anyone else, here’s what I thought it.

York Press:  La Soie Concentrate Serum. La Soie Concentrate Serum. (Image: Newsquest)

How good are Aldi’s La Mer beauty dupes?

Starting off as I would if I was doing my skincare routine, I began with the La Soie Concentrate Serum (£6.99).

Coming in a slick and rich-feeling green bottle, I was surprised to find that unlike most serums I’ve used, there was no pipette and instead a flat applicator that although different, helped me not overuse the product.

According to Aldi, the La Soie Concentrate Serum promises to “replenish the skin’s natural moisture barrier and shield from external environmental factors” with ingredients including Algae Extract, Macadamia and Sesame Seed Oils.

When I first opened the sturdy bottle, I was surprised by the rich smell as I typically prefer non-scented serums, but nevertheless, I applied the serum and my nose quickly got used to the pleasant smell.

The serum took moments to settle into the skin, making me feel refreshed without looking shiny or greasy as some serums can do.

York Press:  La Soie Eye Concentrate. La Soie Eye Concentrate. (Image: Newsquest)

With the serum on, I picked up Aldi’s La Soie Eye Concentrate (£5.99) and was very excited to give the dupe I tried when I discovered it came with a tool!

No not a hammer, but a ‘cooling applicator’, a small applicator with a rose gold metal ball that makes putting eye cream on feel like you’re at a spa.

The eye cream aims to reduce dark circles and wrinkles, with the use of Algae, lime and coffee extracts.

Using the cooling applicator, the eye cream felt rich, it wasn’t too thick and a little goes a long way, it smoothed out under my eye perfectly and when wearing undereye concealer, it didn’t seem to affect the makeup as some creams can.

Aldi’s La Mer duped eye cream did have a scent, but not to the point where it became overbearing, similar to the serum, it seemed to be the perfect amount to make the skincare feel expensive rather than to overpowering and being left on a shelf.

York Press:  La Soie Facial Moisturiser. La Soie Facial Moisturiser. (Image: Newsquest)

Finally, the La Soie Facial Moisturiser (£6.99), comes in a white pot similar to its inspiration of La Mer, like the eye cream, the moisturiser comes with a special applicator.

What I can only describe as an eye cream spoon, the applicator allows you to get the moisturiser from the pot onto your face without using your fingers, although it is handy, it doesn’t add much to the overall product.

But, the moisturiser itself is worth shouting about.

Created to “diminish signs of ageing and soothe dryness”, in the cold winter weather my skin often gets dryer as it battles the freezing temperatures.

But, Aldi’s La Mer dupe can tackle that perfectly, using just a small amount, the moisturiser goes a long way and does exactly what it says on the tin.

My dry winter skin was able to feel more alive each time I used the moisturiser, making Aldi give my normal day-to-day skincare range a run for its money.

York Press: Aldi's La Mer dupes.Aldi's La Mer dupes. (Image: Newsquest)

'Made my skin feel stronger'

I love skincare, whether it’s trying new serums that promise to keep you young or trying an eye cream that gets rid of tired eyes, I will try it and the chances are they normally do exactly what they say.

But, as someone who also prefers to not spend more than £50 on a product, I struggle to find a skincare range that altogether costs less than £20, which is why I was over the moon to find that Aldi’s La Mer dupes cost less than £20 for all three items.

After using Aldi’s La Soie products for a week, I could see a clear change in my skin.

Despite facing against the winter weather, it seemed to not struggle with battling the cold temperatures and instead made my skin feel stronger and more alive and the best part is, it didn’t cost me £730.

You can buy Aldi's La Soie range in stores nationwide from December 10.