The autumn and winter months are upon us and that means it’s time to dig out your knitwear.

However, after months of being tucked away in the corners of your wardrobe, the likes of your jumpers and cardigans may need a bit of TLC before you wear them again.

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting dressed for the day and realising your favourite cream cowl neck is covered in bobbles.

With this in mind, Danielle Veldon from QUIZ Clothing has shared her top tips on how to keep your knitwear looking brand-new and how to get rid of any pesky fuzzballs.

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How to keep your knitwear looking fresh

Wash your knitwear as infrequently as possible

“As a general rule of thumb, your cardigans and jumpers shouldn’t need to go into the wash after every wear and should be left for 2-5 wears per wash, unless visibly dirty.

“This might seem like too long, but your fabrics will thank you in the long run. In fact, it’s often enough to hang them up to air out instead, in between washes.”

Don’t be caught out by the label

“It’s also important to check the washing label on any piece of knitwear – ignoring this is a fast track to ruining your favourite autumn sweater!

York Press: Have you got rid of any knitwear because the bobbles were too much?Have you got rid of any knitwear because the bobbles were too much? (Image: Canva)

“If your piece has a label that says, ‘Dry Clean Only’, it’s essential that you hand this over to the professionals.

“Yet, if the label states that dry cleaning is recommended, handwashing or machine-washing your knitwear at a low temperature should suffice.

“Similarly, it’s not uncommon for knitwear items to be ‘Hand Wash Only’, and if this is the case, you’ll simply have to go old-school with your washing technique.”

Storing your knitwear properly is key

“For those who are sick of jumpers constantly falling off the hanger in your wardrobe, you’re in luck!

“The best way to store knitwear items is to lay them down, loosely folded and in a drawer that’s out of direct sunlight.

“When folding your knitwear, make sure you don’t do this too small or tightly, to ensure the fibres aren’t rubbing together too much.

“Another top tip for delicate knits is to place a sheet of tissue paper between the folds to reduce any friction.”

Keep moths at bay with herbal deterrents

“Have you ever gone to pick out a cosy jumper and been faced with a gaping hole? That’ll be the handy work of knitwear’s lifelong enemy – moths!

York Press: Following these debobbling steps could save your knitwearFollowing these debobbling steps could save your knitwear (Image: Getty)

“Unfortunately, no amount of care for your clothing can deter them completely and so prevention tends to be the best method.

“Moths are very sensitive to strong odours, so keeping a small bag of herbs such as rosemary, mint or lavender nearby is a great way to keep them at bay.”

How to remove bobbles from your knitwear

"TikTok views for videos under ‘lint shaver’ are up to a staggering 1.1 billion – which begs the question, is this really beneficial for your knitwear?

"The answer is, yes! Using a fabric shaver will do the trick with de-bobbling your most-loved clothing. And if you don’t want to purchase a specific shaving tool, using an at-home razor is just as easy and effective."

In order to shave your knitwear correctly and avoid any damage, follow these steps:

  • Place your chosen piece of knitwear on a flat surface
  • Ensure to pull the fabric tight
  • Gently start to shave away the bobbles, starting from top-to-bottom
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"When using a razor, be careful not to press too hard, as this could result in the fabric becoming thinned and eventually damaged."

Danielle added: "As the autumn season approaches, we want everyone to feel stylish and empowered in their favourite knitwear pieces.

“And with the delicate nature of the material, it can be tricky to know how to keep these items looking fresh and cared for correctly.”

"We hope that with the help of our top hacks, everybody will be able to cosy up in their favourite jumper without worrying about whether their favourite pieces will make it through the winter.”